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Zach Preobrazhensky

Zach is a ferocious rail rider. He'll hurl any move onto cold steel without a second thought for the fragility of flesh. And, he usually pulls it off.  Zach loves skiing mountains, but recognizes, as he likes to say, "that while you can ski pow until you're 80, park skiing doesn't last forever." While he's young and spry, then, Zach's going to milk every last spin and slide from his terrain parks. He doesn't stress to much about his style. He throws down to suit himself, and "if other people dig it then that's awesome." Zach's parents immigrated from Russia with three of his older siblings; Zach was born a few years after they arrived. His dad is a ski instructor at Snowbird. 


Date of birth: 5/12/1994

Place of birth: Salt Lake City, Utah

Current hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Hobbies: wakeboarding, skateboarding, hiking, lacrosse, football, basketball, tennis

Other sponsors: Char Poles, Raja Attire

Rides for Aura Optics because: "The main thing I like about Aura Optics is that it is a company made by skiers, for skiers. The founders both ski and understand the industry and are great at incorporating the actual needs of an everyday skier into the design and price of their goggles. And last but not least, the goggles look fresh and have an awesome fit."

Proud of: taking first in all three Park City stops of the Friday Night Jib Fights series in 2012-2013, attending college,  belonging to the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Utah.

Future goals: graduating college, having fun, pushing his skiing to the limit.