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Matt Rider

Matt Rider is one of the craziest big air skiers you're likely to see. He'll huck himself off a huge jump and somehow stick the landing, and he'll do it with flair. He's humble, too, and quiet until you get to know him, after which he'll talk your ear off. He's a true blue Utahn, having cut his baby skis in the powder of Alta and Solitude. These days, when he's not in the big backcountry, he likes to ski the park scene at Park City and Dollar Mountain, Sun Valley. He skis better with his best friends, and his favorite moves are hand-drags, full-extension daffies, and sending cork fives to flat.


Date of birth: May 14, 1991.

Place of birth: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Current Hometown: Salt Lake City/Provo, Utah.

Hobbies: Cycling, reading, soccer, YouTube, hiking.

Other sponsors: Mom and Pop.

Rides for Aura Optics because: "Not only do I like the style of the frame and lens, I like how lightweight they are on my face. Easily the most comfortable goggle I've ever ridden with."

Proud of: finding time to ski twice per week while attending school, winter collegiate soccer training.

Future goals: Not getting old, and having as much fun as possible when he skis.