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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Do your ski goggles and snowboard goggls have a warranty?

A - Yes, all of our goggles come with a limited one year warranty.


Q - Do Aura goggles fog easily?

A - No, we treat every pair of goggles with a anti-fog paste solution that typically last 2-3 years.


Q - How can I receive stickers to represent your company?

A - Send us a pre-paid envelope to our address with the title ATTN:STICKERS and we will send them to you.


Q - How to become a Aura Athlete?

A - Send us a portfolio of you and your sport including photos, videos, etc. Include a resume as well.


Q - How to become a Aura Representative?

A - Send us your resume and what assets you could bring to our company.




Contact Us
  • Aura Optics is committed to world-class customer service. We believe our goggles are the best ski and snowboard goggles worldwide for men and women. Aura Optics is a small, agile company, settled within the Wasatch Mountains. Staying small allows us to adjust and update our product design as we learn more about our customers' preferences. As such, we would love to hear from you!