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We understand that skiing/riding is about so much more than just the ride down. That's why we designed a goggle that not only gives you the clarity you need to descend, but also on the way up and everywhere in between: Fog free. We do this in five ways: 



- Spherical Lenses These provide a wider range of vision, minimize distortion and offer superior protection against fog. 

- AuraFlow A total of five vents let your goggles and your face breathe, preventing moisture and heat buildup. 

- HighFit A fit which sits higher on your face leaves your nose and mouth free to breathe easy.

- SoftFit TPU frames that are 30% softer allows them to be more flexible in order to give you a better fit for comfort and wind blocking.

- HandsOn To ensure you are fog free everywhere on the mountain, we double down on the anti-fog. We apply not only the preliminary manufactured anti fog coat, but also a secondary treatment. This is applied by hand to each and every lens.


We know that everyone has their own style; you can see it in the way we ride. That's why our goggles allow a seamless change of lenses and straps. Our easy switch system allows for lenses and straps to be swapped out mountainside without taking your mittens off. 




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  • Aura Optics is committed to world-class customer service. We believe our goggles are the best ski and snowboard goggles worldwide for men and women. Aura Optics is a small, agile company, settled within the Wasatch Mountains. Staying small allows us to adjust and update our product design as we learn more about our customers' preferences. As such, we would love to hear from you!