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Colin Becker


Name: Colin R. Becker

Date of birth: September 9, 1994

Hometown: Hartford, Vermont

Favorite Resort/Mountain: Alta Ski Area

Hobbies: Cameras, Filmmaking, Climbing

Reasons athlete prefers Aura goggles: Because they give me free goggles. Duh. On the real though, I need a pair of goggles that will stay clear even on the deepest of days and in the most adverse light conditions so that I can see what I’m skiing, as well as the camera monitor

Additional sponsors: Sabek Outerwear

Accomplishments: Being able to ski and film with my friends and teammates rather than having to rely on competitions

Future goals: I would very much like to take at least one trip with a larger production company as a skier to ski powder and larger lines, as well as carve myself a spot in the filmmaking industry later on, whether it be action sports, or hollywood.
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