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Colby Smith

Colby Smith

An up-and-coming whiz kid. Keep your eye on this one—he's sure to sizzle in the coming years. Not only is he a skilled and classy skier; he's practically a genius. I mean, the kid speaks Mandarin! He's also a bit of a philosopher, in tune with the cosmos and all of that. His technical game is solid—he can ride the parks with the best of them—but he considers himself "mostly a slope skier." Over the past couple years, Colby has improved at a fearsome rate. Not content to settle for merely being good, Colby has his eye on Olympic gold. If he keeps on at this pace, anything is possible!

Athlete Profile

Date of birth: March 10, 1999

Place of birth: Salt Lake City, Utah

Current hometown: Park City, Utah

Hobbies: soccer and (of course) skiing

Rides for Aura Optics because: Colby appreciates Aura's commitment to innovation and technological improvement.

Other sponsors: Fat-ypus Skis

Proud of: going to Cambodia

Future goals: X-games, Olympics, learning new tricks and perfecting old ones.