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About Us | Aura Optics

Aura Optics Mission

Surrounding each of us there is an energy, an atmosphere, a light - this is our Aura, this is what drives us onward and what inspires those around us. At Aura Optics, our vision is to illuminate the path and reveal the journey that lies ahead. While the destination may not always be visible, we ensure that the vision will be. An experience designed by those who live unbound for those who wish to do the same, we strive for an enlightened new look at the world. We invite you to view the world from a higher perspective.

AURA - "The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by an activity."
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  • Aura Optics is committed to world-class customer service. We believe our goggles are the best ski and snowboard goggles worldwide for men and women. Aura Optics is a small, agile company, settled within the Wasatch Mountains. Staying small allows us to adjust and update our product design as we learn more about our customers' preferences. As such, we would love to hear from you!