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Time to dust off the gear - 5 tips for preparing for the season

The lifts are starting to spin here Wasatch and Rocky Mountains and for those of us who have been living vicariously through posts from the killer winter in the southern hemisphere for the last several months we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us were lucky enough to hit the skin track and get a few preseason turns, but for the rest of us who have been waiting for the lifts to start spinning it’s time to pull the gear out of the attic and get it ready for the season. The following are tips shared from our team that will make your first day on the hill a real good time.

Get your skis tuned
A good wax will take you a long way. No one likes to get on the mountain for the first day and stick instead of slide. When we say get a wax we don’t mean melt a candle with mom’s iron over your skis. Go to your local ski shop and get a professional job done, you’ll be surprised how this improves your first day of riding.  
    Find a pair of boots that fit
    Team rider Tyson Ryder says; “Get boots that fit properly, or else suffer all season long.” The plastic your ski boots are made of will stretch throughout the warm summer months and then contract when it gets cold (science told us so) and those boots that fit last year might be like wearing
      Wash your gear
      After those wet spring days your gear has been festering in the closet and hasn’t been washed in months. Your boots may stink and this is acceptable as they are hard to wash, but your jacket, pants, and headgear you can do something about. No one likes to pick up that stinky friend and give them a ride. The stink stays in the air and the car and can ruin a day before it ever begins.
        Get your body in shape
        Aura athlete Amy David says, “Develop[ing] strong muscles. Quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs and back muscles are the most important to preventing injury throughout the season, so it's important to consistently develop these muscles leading up to the season and during.”
          A clear vision 
          We consider your mind a vital part of your gear. Aura media man Matt Chirico says “Make measurable and realistic goals for the season.” To have a successful season you first need to know what that means. It doesn’t matter what level of skier you are there are simple goals that will make your year more enjoyable. (More to come on this in our next post.)

            We are super excited for the season to begin. To share our stoke all of our gear is 20% off with discount code “WINTER2016.” Offer is good until November, 26. See you on the mountain!
            • November 18, 2015
            • Joe Canfield
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