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I Ride Park City - Filming

As the resorts slowly close up shop, the Aura Optics team is hard at work opening. Our team pulled off an amazing effort to get up to Park City Mountain Resort for the filming of our campaign. We had the opportunity to shoot with two amazing skiers: Matt Rider and Zach Preobrazhensky. While the two athletes were dropping in on the kings crown kickers and rails, our film expert Arrius was shooting with the super slow motion Sony camera called the FX-700. This camera is in comparison with the Red Epic camera and shoots at an astonishing 240 frames per second. We plan to launch our campaign on sometime around July. Please keep up to date with the release on our social media pages Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - @auraoptics.

Loving Utah powder. The greatest snow on earth! We're hitting the slopes as much as possible at the end of ski season, and we're testing our Aura Optics ski and snowboard goggles to the limit. These goggles are the best.

Aura Optics riders do tricks at Utah ski resorts, enjoying the greatest snow on earth while it lasts. We're liking the way these ski and snowboard goggles perform in the bright optical conditions of spring.

Aura Optics all black lens turns our fashionable ski and snowboard goggles into a sleek and sinister look. We love the way that this lens plays with the optics of light and snow to give you the best view ever.

Catching big air in the greatest snow on earth around Salt Lake City, Utah and Park City, Utah. We're eating up the powder while we can, because it will be gone until next ski season.

Throwing sick rail moves in Utah resorts. Our riders are the best, and they are proud to ride for Aura Optics. Each of them love the Aura Optics design with its anti-fog treatment and its superior optics and comfort and breathability. Then there is style: these ski goggles and snowboard goggles just might be some of the most fashionable and photogenic ski and snowboard goggles on the slopes, for men or wome.

 We rode tricks on this rail in Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah, and we did so while wearing our stylish Aura Optics ski and snowboard goggles. We came away convinced that these goggles are simply the best ski and snowboard goggles in the world when evaluated on price, performance, fashion and overall value.

  • April 21, 2014
  • Schaeffer Warnock
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