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Athlete Testing with the Marmot Team

A week or so ago we were contacted by a writer by the name of Austin Parker who is a freelance worker for Active Junky and Gear Head Magazine. He saw our goggles via social media and fell in love with the product and decided that he would like to do an article about our company. Austin met up with the Marmot Mountain Team to do some product testing (skiing and snowboarding) for Marmot's new collection and took the Aura Nimbus goggle with them on their journey to Jacksonhole, WY. We decided there is not a better place to put our product to the ultimate test than the Tetons! 

We received confirmation that the Marmot Team and Austin made it to their destination safely and that they just started the climb skinning to the top of the Teton backcountry. Austin's review of the performance the goggles gave him was amazing! He put them through a very harsh test of wearing them while hiking and he stated that their was ZERO fog on the way up the trail, and a crystal clear vision on the way down through the untouched powder. We look forward to sharing more of their journey and photos with you soon!

Aura Optics

  • March 15, 2014
  • Aura Optics
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